Sunday, January 27, 2013

January DLIC Meeting Notes

Bruce, Lou, Sue Palmberg, Brad, Alan, and Frank Krasicki were all physically in attendance.  Dr. Green and Tim joined us in a Google hangout.

We started the meeting by attempting to choreograph a Google hangout using every conceivable device we had on hand.  Tim joined from home using a chromebook.  Dr. Green joined from home as well.

Alan's school desktop and video-cam nicely captured all of us in the classroom.  My (Frank Krasicki) Linux laptop had no problem joining the hangout.  Brad and Bruce could join using their ISP accounts. My Nexus Android had a dead battery so it was not tested.

The iPads however experienced network issues that became a takeaway action item (Alan) for the month.


To summarize the Google Hangout experiment - a successful and educational experience.

1.) We established that Google Hangouts could be successfully used by the committee for members who could not attend in person.

2.) We established that it is a great way to invite guests such as students and guest speakers to attend our meetings.

3.) Google HangOuts have classroom participation and sharing potential.

4.) They can (and will) be used at BOE meetings on occasion.


The second topic was Twitter which seems to be available on the school network's private channel but is spotty on the public (student) channel.  We plan to use Twitter more shortly.  Another action item (Frank).

Third, Dr. Green gave us an update on Moodle.  He mentioned some complications in migrating existing accounts that were successfully resolved.  Much of the teaching staff is slowly on-boarding (a good thing and as expected).

Fourth, we started a discussion about open source textbooks, cost, and opportunity - an on-going discussion.  Boundless, Curriki, and a Dr. Green candidate "CK-12" are all of interest.  The math department is requesting new texts with a video component that we hope to get demoed to the entire BOE.

Fifth, we plan on asking Doug Melody to give the committee an overview of the new Naviance student planner component.

Sixth is the expressed need to get each academic subject area to define their absolute minimum requirements for their courses so that students could have a clear guide to buying an appropriate device.

Seventh, the school is not seeing students bringing in their own devices in a critical enough mass for any teacher to be able to teach a lesson with devices enabled in the classroom.  Security seems to be one issue.  Newness a second.  Convenience may be a third.

We plan on shaking this out in the coming months.

End of formal meeting.


Bruce and I got together at his office Saturday to follow-up.  I brought a fully charged Android Nexus and the Hang-out attempts all timed-out.  We need to get this resolved.

We also talked more about creating opportunities for the staff to have the opportunity to better orchestrate their ideas about digital learning that may accelerate its classroom use.

I also discussed creating a Twitter account for the committee to begin soliciting student ideas.  i will put together a student newspaper article that details the specifics.  Bruce and Lou will review.

- by Frank Krasicki

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January DLIC Agenda

Wednesday January 23, 2013
7:30 P.M.
ROOM 101

This is our first meeting in a few months and after a stretch of busy holidays.

Here's the agenda:

 1. Round Table Discussion – Individual committee members can talk about their plans/initiatives, dreams and aspirations!
2. Update on “Bring Your Own Policy development.
3. Update on some device purchases – Chrome Books and IPads.
4. Discussion about the “textbook purchasing” dilemma.  Need to purchase text books because we don’t have enough devices for students.
5. Other 

Students Welcome!