Sunday, January 19, 2014

February 2014 EO Smith Digital Learning Initiative Committee Agenda

Agenda for the Digital Learning Committee Meeting, February 11, 2014, 5:30 P.M

Update:  We moved the January meeting over to February to allow time for more people to attend.

Alan Trotochad's Room

1.) Update on digital related funding, acquisition, courseware, and teacher initiatives, digital inventory progress

2.) General discussion on the possibility of adding a non-Carnegie seat learning venue that replaces the Word/Excel/Microsoft curriculum.

This might consist of numerous subject area components that emphasize digital tools and techniques used by that department, for example; wikis in English, Moodle in science, iPad apps in math, or whatever. Students would then have a framework of expectations for how and what is expected in certain classes and as a by-product of successfully completing classwork the students would get micro-credits for covering the subject.

Some minimum number of micro-credit combinations would earn them a course credit.

So we could discuss that as well as desired content familiarity. For example, personal security, digital social good behavior, communication etiquette, and so on.

We have talked about potentially creating a Moodle testbed for such a set of courseware. We can play with that idea as well.

3.) Other topics

We wind it up by 7:00