Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 2012 DLIC Meeting Minutes

24 April 2012 Region 19 - Digital Committee
Present: Frank Krasicki, Denise Abercrombie, Bill Green, Sue Palmberg, Sue Biren, Lou DeLoreto, Doug Melody, Nancy Silander
Absent: Bruce Silva, Alan Trotochaud, Jojo Phillips, Tim Nolan

Opened at 5:15 p.m.

PD for teachers and options for helping them access programs. Using PLC’s (Personal Learning Communities) will allow for more collaboration. Encourage teachers to go to SECA and other technology conferences.

Wireless project – P.O.’s have been initiated for all necessary building wi-fi. Worked on over spring break. Equipment will be put in place once it arrives. On target for timing of September.

Saving paper – Faculty needs to be encouraged to save paper. Possibly a copy center. Lou will organize a sub committee to look into this.

Flipping a classroom: need to model for others. If have BYOD, teachers will begin to experiment. Some content can be watched on-line at home; some teachers will be comfortable doing this, others less so. Curriculum dependent. Discussion on how students develop knowledge of credible sources.

BYOD – policy probably not needed - do not want to have policies just for outliers. Health, safety and privacy concerns need to be anticipated. Perhaps could work with a retailer for discounting prices. What will happen if not every student has a device: share? Give out? Lend? Can expand current policies to include BYOD. Administration can develop guidelines as needed.

Teachers need to be backed up appropriately by administration. Board needs to see comments from faculty meeting after the PD technology day – Frank and Nancy will present at next board meeting. Need to protect teachers’ willingness to experiment; board and administration needs to reduce risk for teachers by backing them up.

Policing what students watch – with BYOD, firewall non-existent. It would be difficult to police students and what they are watching. Do we need to be able to control some of this?

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

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