Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 2014 DLIC Meeting Minutes

The DLIC met on Thursday evening November 7 at 5:30 in Alan's Rm.

In attendance were chair Frank Krasicki, Superintendent Bruce Silva, IT staff Seth and Jaimie, engineering instructor Bob Valle, Science instructor Dr. Bill Green, Math instructor Sue Palmberg, and special guest Richard Staron.

Richard Staron is a computer software enthusiast who wanted to observe and join the committee's discussion about technology at EO Smith.  We hope to gainfully engage him in future ventures.

Seth Horila discussed the following items;

DLC Meeting 11-2014
"FY 2014-15 Capital Replacement & Budgeted Education Technology Requests:
  • Replaced student workstations in LMC, Video Production and 212 Lab.
  • Added 6 workstations to LMC
  • Tech Lab 133 was upgraded to 256GB SSD system drives for performance.
  • Replaced staff workstations in Special Services and Guidance
  • 14 Chromebooks deployed to Special Services
  • 84 Lenovo X140 Windows-based laptops deployed to Math
  • 6 Lenovo X140 Windows-based laptops deployed to English Assistance
  • Replaced 4 aging LaserJets in office areas.
  • IDF that serves Math classrooms was reconfigured with a secured dust-proof enclosure
  • Main core switch was upgraded. Jumbo-frames now capable with compatible links.
  • 24 Chromebooks to be purchased for LMC Cart
  • 24 Chromebooks to be purchased for Science
  • 10 workstations to replace WL Staff
  • Fine Arts to receive a 24” inkjet for artwork
  • Carrie Frederick was awarded a grant for a sound room for video production
  • Additional Chromebooks in LMC for checkout for staff/students.

The District eBoard contract has expired and faculty have shifted to Moodle or their own solution"

Bill Green mentioned that Moodle usage is surging and that the durability of the Chromebooks has been surprisingly good.
Seth also mentioned that a new Google classroom module was gaining teacher acceptance.  Bill Green added that the Google component was superior to Moodle in this regard but that Moodle was still the place where persistent class participation reference material is available.  Google's attraction is a cleaner and more simple interface for everything else.
Sue announced that she had received funding for a Professional Development weekend in the Northwest having to do with Smartboard technology.
The rest of the evening's meeting was spent watching and listening to Bob Valli demonstrate the unmanned aerial vehicle being exercised by some of students.  This included a tour of his classroom that features two flight simulators, a 3-D printer, a laser cutter and numerous other "maker" tools.

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